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Born in 2014 at the Drug Users Resource Centre (DURC) in Downtown East side, Snapshot Media Group had for goals teach the basic skills and ability of film making. We wanted to teach to the members of the centre the steps we need to make a simple video. We had a class room at the DURC but the centre have definitively close for some budgets matter. For Snapshot Media Group the re-location for is class session was a priority. We had a session every Monday at 1 pm to 2 pm. At the start we had only few people in attendance but slowly during the year the group became bigger as much as 20 to 25 people per session. In 2014 we received a grant from Vancouver Foundation to produce a documentary about the DURC, and during that production we had more than 125 people involve in the development, pre-production, post production and production.

Downtown East side is a rich and vibrant community full of incredible stories and it is the goal of Snapshot Media to teach how to tell these incredible stories ourselves through digital film making.

The group will learn the basics of digital film making from development to post-production. The group will take place both in the classroom and on set as we learn to apply these skills inside production projects started inside the weekly meetings. The group itself is directed by Sylvain Aubé, President and Founder, and driven by the participants of the class. The team is build during the year and Snapshot Media Group provide the positions for the skills or ability of each participants.

Join us the Friday of every weeks at 1 pm, and you can participate in the production of the current project which is about a Juno Award Winner Mr. Devon Martin, A.k.a.: Mr. Metro, who produce music with MetroDome Music Productions is personal music production business.

Snapshot Media Group meeting happen now every Friday at the Powell St. Getaway, 528 Powell ST., Vancouver, B.C., V6A 1G9. We are starting this year 2017 at that location, before we was located at the Drug Users Resource Centre Downtown East side Vancouver for 3 years. In 2016 we worked on another film project which is the current one, the session are made to work on the film process which is about a Juno Award winner and music producer for the community Downtown East side Vancouver.

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