The founder of Snapshot Media Group Mr. Sylvain Aubé
Sylvain Aubé, Founder of Snapshot Media Group

Sylvain Aubé worked 4 years as a volunteer and worked another 5 years and 8 months the position of Addiction Support and Community Social Worker at the Drug Users Resource Centre (DURC) whose mission was to support, promote and advocate for the rights of drug users in Vancouver (Centre closed definitively the 31 December 2016 because a lost of funding). The centre offered peer counseling, life skills development and literacy rich programming, as well as educational classes, services and support to street-involved adults with multiple barriers. Provided support in re-entering the workforce and/or education system. Services including free phone, Internet, learning centre, showers, laundry and free meals serve 2 times a day.

He seated at the position of president of the Board of Directors for DURC started February 2014 to September 10th, 2015, He is again seating at the Board of Director of DURC as a member with vote. He have also a position in Transition Advisory Committee who have for goal to structure the transition and the closure of DURC recently and also supervise the moving of the weekly program to the Powell St. Getaway.


He is the Founder and Director for Snapshot Media Group, started the 20th of January 2014. He have facilitated a class every Monday at 2 pm to 3 pm at DURC during 3 years, which as the goal to teach the basic skills of film-making to the participants. The group  engage the resident of the community DTES inside the learning of the steps of film-making with participation inside a films, documentaries, biographies or music videos projects. He is facilitating Snapshot Media Group sessions at the Powell St. Getaway every Friday at 1 pm to 3 pm for the year of 2017.

You can reach their website at
The Drug Users Resource Centre, 14 years serving the community DTES.

Sylvain has extensive experience with anger management and counseling with drugs and addiction as well as peer counselor in a community resource centre in Downtown Vancouver for 5 years and 8 months, and he is also an effective leader inside his community with the lead of a group who have for goals to teach the basic skills of film-making to the residents of the community by producing films, movies, documentaries/biographies music videos with them.

He has a solid background in computer technologies, Internet, as well as a store manager for Sélectronic, with 15 store locations in the province of Quebec, and have work also as salesman, computer technician and customer representative for the franchises “Comptoir Informatique” in Québec, with approximately 15 store in the province of Québec.

Sylvain has also a background military as well as Sergeant Instructor in the 2994 Corps of Cadets of the regiment of Mainsonneuve, St-Michel-Des-Saints, Quebec. He is the owner of 3 trophies awarded during the yearly ceremonials in 1995-1996 in all is career in the Royal Canadian Army Cadets