Dear reader,

My name is Sylvain Aubé, I am the president of Snapshot Media Group. I have worked at the Drug Users Resource Centre (DURC) here in Downtown East side Vancouver for almost 9 years and its there I founded the group called Snapshot Media Group, I been in activity for the past 3 years.

This 2017 coming will start the 4th years that I facilitate a class for 1 hour every week called Snapshot Media Group. The community Downtown East side Vancouver what I can say it’s that I am really surprise about the great skills and amazing talents we can find here in Vancouver. In 2014 with funding from Vancouver Foundation we produced a documentary about the Drug Users Resource Centre. It was made with people who doesn’t had any experiences in film making, who had no knowledge about the work they needed to do, who was just there at the beginning for the money not really to participate. Finally after a year the work we done Snapshot and the participants of the class is amazing. The documentary it’s mostly made by the participants and the result is that it’s the voices of the community and the making of the collaboration between residents of Downtown East side & members of DURC.

Some change inside the community Downtown East side have occur concerning the funding of societies and DURC lost is funding for the year 2017, the situation became dramatic as much as the community centre will shutdown definitively the 31st of December 2016. Because this change Snapshot Media Group had to find another location to continue to teach and develop on the project already started 1 year and an half ago. After researching the community we found the Living Room Drop In (recently changed his name for Powell Street Getaway after a contest made by the society who run the centre there). They opened the door for me I accepted.

Now the residents of the community Downtown East side Vancouver can find the class session of Snapshot Media Group every Tuesday at 1 pm at the Powell Street Getaway, at 528 Powell Street, Vancouver B.C. Canada, V6A 1G9. Ph. 604-255-7026

We have now access to continue our work to a classroom and we have more equipment for the production on set. We also develop and create website with WordPress and we can do photography type portfolio.

It will be a pleasure to discuss with you if you are interested to participate to the projects of production we have during the year and become a member of Snapshot Media Group and learn, collaborate and create with the community residents of Downtown East side.


Thank you!

Sylvain Aubé

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