Snapshot Media Group History:

Snapshot Media Group started in 2014 and have already make talk of itself with the production of a documentary about the Drug Users Resource Centre, Downtown Vancouver. The group received a funding from Vancouver Foundation and 25% of it have been spent with the members of the centre also participants of the weekly session which occurred every Monday at 1 pm, we produced a documentary about the centre, it was made mostly by the participants of the class and the people who participated outside the class hours . I will say that is made purely by the community DTES and it is the voices of the community Downtown East side Vancouver.

In August 2015, Access T.V., Vancouver community channel offered me to present my documentary on their television network and I accepted that the documentary been diffused on the Access T.V. network during the beginning of one of their show.

Our mission:

The objectives are to develop an understanding of the digital video production process: development, pre-production, shooting, editing and post-production. To learn importance and power of film and digital storytelling – genres, philosophies, ethics. To learn how to secure funding, raise money, apply for grants. Carry out basic pre-production task example: location planning, working with talent, lightning setups. Explore various concept and direction styles. Utilize different shot types, utilize different camera movement techniques. Record different types of synchronous and non-synchronous sound  for video. Utilize basic editing techniques for video post-production and prepared movies for distribution via disk or the Web.

It’s also to help the community Downtown East side Vancouver to express themselves via digital media, short-films or films, documentaries & biographies, music video clips. We focus by teaching and developing the participants a minimum of skills, abilities & knowledge necessary to work inside the industry of film-making The objectives are to develop an understanding of the digital video production process and how to plan and organize the film-making process, covering development (compiling ideas), pre-production (planning), production (shooting) and post-production (editing and sharing).

In simple words to describe Snapshot it will be “Community Film Production!”