The current project is “What happening with Mr. Metro these days!”

Started in July 2015, the current project is the production of a documentary/biography about Devon Martin, better known as Devon a Canadian rapper who rose to prominence with a Juno Award winner in 1993 for his song titled “Mr. Metro”, a controversial single about police racism. “Mr. Metro” also subsequently remained as an additional alias of the artist. Metro producer, composer, writer, singer and musician Devon Martin was raised in Malton, Ontario. He is living now inside the community Downtown East side Vancouver and produce music with the community for now  7 years with a Music & Poetry Workshop he was facilitating at Drug Users Resource Centre.

We will cover all the steps make the film and the participants will have the opportunity to meet and talk with Devon Martin, A.k.a: Mr Metro.

Recently in February we have done a lot of work, we finished the development and passed to the other step the pre-production the development of the film we are now inside the pre-production process. We are open for new people and you are welcome to bring your ideas.

Sylvain Aubé
Snapshot Media Group