Working with Snapshot Media Group in simple, you can join us inside our class meeting every week and collaborate and participate. the Projects Manager decide the work to do and the Director & our Film-maker work with the participants. There the goals are to cover the steps and process of a film-production. You learn at least the basic skills of film-making, when it possible to do so, pay people who work with us with funding we have obtain during the production. We are known by the community Downtown East side Vancouver for now 3 years and we are to do another year at the Powell Street Getaway 2017 to 2018. This community have work with us during the production of the documentary “Our Place”

We invite you to join one session and to participate with Snapshot and the people attending the group. Like that you will have a better impression of the group we are and how we are working.

We also promote ourselves via social media like Facebook and YouTube and our personal website.

Snapshot Media Group